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Image of stranger eyes music video

MS Entertainment is basically entertainment industry which produces music videos, documentry and creater of music for YouTube. MS Entertainment collaborates with artists from YouTube and Hollywood. Artists are acters, actress, singers, dancers etc. The main vision of MS Entertainment is to entertain the people enjoy and happier.

All videos Special effects, Computer graphics, Animation, Screen play, Editing, Camera  YouTube standard license, Created and Directed by Mahamad Suleman Nadaf.

Artist from Hollywood.






Singers and musicians:-

3rd silhouette

Stranger eyes Seven days seven night

tranger eyes official video

Music: Stranger eyes

Musician: 3rd Silhouette






Forgotten heroes official video

Music: Forgotten Heroes

Musician: 3rd Silhouette







Prove You Wrong official video

Music Prove You Wrong

Musician : 3rd silhouette

These three videos are used the lyrics and music of 3rd silhouette.











Set me free official video

Is taken from FMW Set me free

Music Empere Set Me Free







Ultronblame official video

Music is taken from FMW release of YouTube. 

​Artists from Hollywood






One Step Closer official video

Song : One Step Closer Porch pirate

Music: Released by FMW on behalf of Sound voult Limited







Beauty contest and dancing official video

Music : Mahamad Suleman Nadaf







On The Red Carpet official video

Music :- Mahamad Suleman Nadaf









Hollywood gardens official video


Music Mahamad Suleman Nadaf

Playback singers from Hollywood


MS Entertainment is having collaboration with world class Software companies for video creation, music creation and other technical solutions.


Our videos are original one no remixed, Uses our own music, YouTube music. MS Entertainment is having own music production, MS Entertainment composes high level music with world class music software company, having collaboration with music software companies.



Outdoor activities 

Songs are shot outdoor locations; beautiful and natural views are giving more prioritised. Naturals scenes are picturised with high level camera systemically. Each and every artist is given chance to contribute equal. MS Entertainment give more focus on artists art and action even musicians.



Special effects:

Special effects Is given to picture locations depending on the situation of particular picture. MS Entertainment give more importance on natural effects.


Animation uses high level techniques. Animation focuses on artists art. Animation gives vital effects on performance of artist. Clarity of art is going to appear when animation technique is used.

Behind the scenes


Music plays vital role in entertainment industry. I say it is a backbone of entertainment industry. I am a music composer you can say me musician. It doesn’t mean that I am creator of whole and sole of music or the owner of the music. There are lot of people behind the successful music. Instrument players, vocal singers, rhythm makers, song writers etc. I would like to thank all instrument players, vocal singers etc. I am very much thankful to those people who are behind me. Especially all the music instrument players and I am very much grateful for music loops. I appreciate their art. Miss universe contest overview music videos are used more than 30 instruments each video. Arabian and Egyptian music used.


About artists


Artists are from Hollywood and YouTube. I also appreciate their art. Those are dancing, belly dance, acting, etc. All artists are performed well once again I appreciate their costume, makeup, and natural appearance in front of camera that is facial expressions and natural smiles. 

Image of Set Me free official video
Image of Ultronblame official video
Image of One step closer official video
Image of On the red carpet official video
Image of Prove you wrong official video
Image of Forgotten heroes official video
Image of Hollywood gardens official video
Image of Beauty Contest and Dancing official video

About creator


Mahamad Suleman Nadaf is Managing director and chief executive officer of MS Entertainment. Company is Entertainment concern produces music videos for YouTube, having collaboration with artists around the world, artists are from Hollywood and YouTube. MS Entertainment produces song videos, dance videos, documentary etc. MS Entertainment makes music with the help of world class music software. MS Entertainment make videos for others music also. Mahamad Suleman Nadaf is creator of YouTube he is having his own YouTube channel. He creates short videos and long form videos. He is having mechanical industry named AL-FATEH ENGINEERING WORKS. He is Proprietor of the company. Prior to starting his company, he served as software faculty for CMS INDIA and Contract based software faculty for Pioneer Urban Co-operative Bank Ltd. And he served in other sectors. He is member of SAE India, member of SAE International. He is author of SAE world congress experience and FISITA world congress. He holds Higher Diploma in Software Engineering and holds National Trade Certificate in Mechanic Motor Vehicle from NCVT India which is equivalent to Diploma in Automobile Engineering.

This is photo of Mahamad Suleman Nadaf, he is Managing director and chief executive officer of MS Entertainment.
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